• Jeffrey Zalles

A Rebuttal to an Incendiary Letter

The Letter:

My Response:

(Note: An online search led to the discovery that Mr. Comparetto is a retired policeman from New Jersey.)


In his letter-to-the-editor last week, John Comparetto challenged “any reader to intelligently prove my comments and facts wrong without throwing out the ‘racist, bigot and misogynist’ label.”

John, I accept your challenge.

First, let me say that despite everything you hear on Fox News, I know of no Democrat who hates America. And I know a lot of Democrats, having been active in the political arena for decades, including a stint lobbying congress for sensible gun legislation. One thing is clear from your comments; you truly hate Democrats, which is a shame because I, like you, love our country and want it to succeed. The only difference is that we are working off dissimilar road maps.

You wrote that “Democrats just voted to let illegal aliens vote in American elections.” Really? Is that one of your “facts”? When did this vote take place? Yes, most of us oppose the “Wall” and believe immigrants strengthen our nation, but seriously, no one wants anyone but U.S. citizens to vote. You claim that Democrats also “vote for free college for illegals while Americans strain to pay for their children’s college.” Again, I say “Huh?” I guess I missed that vote too.

When it comes to immigrants, I respect and admire the people who risk life and limb to seek refuge and a better life for their families. I have no respect for those who stand in their way. I, and I assume you, were fortunate to be born in this great country. Would you do anything differently if you and your family lived in a dangerous place like El Salvador? I know I’d be in line at the U.S. border pleading for asylum just like all the other brave immigrants have been.

As a business owner who worked in a sketchy neighborhood in a big city, I can tell you that there are few people I respect more than cops. And that’s why I’m so outraged and perplexed that our society expects police to risk their lives every day protecting us while we fail repeatedly to enact sensible gun laws that would drastically reduce police deaths. Anyone who claims to support our police while opposing sensible gun restrictions is the worst kind of hypocrite.

Ask yourself; “Would Jesus sacrifice all the guns on earth to save one innocent child?”

You’re right about tax cuts. We do despise them when they are designed to benefit wealthy individuals and corporations at the expense of our children who will have to pay off all the trillions in debt that result. But cutting social programs for seniors and workers? Those programs were enacted by Democrats. Have you heard about Trumps new budget that cuts Medicare?

Am I opposed to capital punishment? You bet. But it’s not because I’m soft on criminals. Rather, our justice system works against minorities and those unable to afford quality representation. Too many prisoners on death rows have already been exonerated. Given the risk of executing even one innocent person, eliminating the death penalty is a moral imperative.

Your comments regarding Democrats killing babies after they are born and disparaging those who plead for action to save our planet from environmental catastrophe are so ridiculous that they don’t warrant a response.

So, America’s the greatest country on earth. I suppose Canadians feel the same way about Canada and Australians feel the same way about Australia, and so on. So, let’s look at the facts: The US ranks last (27th) among the developed world in healthcare costs and outcomes, 17th in educational performance, 14th in infrastructure investment and 8th in overall quality of life. There are a few places where we excel, however; gun deaths (37,200 in 2016, second only to Brazil), and, as a home to 4.4% of the world’s population, we house 22% of its prisoners.

It’s no surprise that the DNC refuses to let Fox host a Democratic candidate debate. The goal of Fox News is not to inform but rather to keep the Republican base angry. The spirit in which you wrote your letter tells me that they are succeeding.