• Jeffrey Zalles

Not My Daughters

In these turbulent times, it’s always nice to stumble upon some good news. In case you missed it, a sub-heading in an AP article printed in Saturday’s Star News about the Daughters of Confederacy stated that “Despite dwindling numbers, (the) women’s group behind rebel memorials continues quiet battles to preserve its vision of heritage.” And what exactly is its vision of heritage? Is it the heritage of forcing human beings from their homes and putting them on slave ships? Is it the heritage of separating families and auctioning children off to the highest bidder? Is it the heritage of beatings, rapes and lynching’s? Is it the heritage of white robes and Jim Crow? Is it the heritage of voter suppression and water cannons? Is this the heritage that the Daughters of Confederacy is fighting to preserve?

It’s certainly good news that Daughters of Confederacy membership is on the decline. However, I, for one, will be happy when their numbers dwindle to zero and we can move their precious memorials, together with the last vestiges of the confederate flag, out of the public realm, where they serve as constant reminders of a shameful past, and into museums where they will finally be depicted as the monuments to inhumanity that they are.