• Jeffrey Zalles

God's Will

One of the most frightening things I witnessed in our post-911 world was a televised interview of an Islamic extremist. The terrorist group he belonged to was trying to get its hands on a nuclear bomb. Asked by the interviewer why he wanted such a powerful and destructive weapon, he replied that “God told me to do it”. What could be more frightening than a religious fanatic bent on killing as many other humans as possible in the name of God?

Fast forward to a few days ago when I read that during a conversation about gun control and school violence, our own Congressman David Rouzer stated that in America, the right to own a gun was a “God given right”. Really? Just like the right to a nuclear arsenal is a God-given right in the Middle East? I’m not sure whose god the radical extremist or Congressman Rouzer were referring to, but she’s certainly not my God.