• Jeffrey Zalles

Help for the Disenfranchised

You’re distraught, depressed. You can’t believe what has been happening to our politics. And now, with the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, some of the issues that are dearest to your heart are in jeopardy. It’s very tempting to place the blame on others; our President, Leader McConnell, Speaker Ryan, Hillary Clinton, the North Carolina congressional delegation or any number of other public figures. But that only makes you feel powerless and even more miserable.

I understand. I’m sympathetic to your plight. I share your pain. Allow me to propose a little exercise that will help you come to terms with that everything-around-me-is-collapsing feeling that is eating at you every time you pick up this, or any other newspaper. First, stand up and walk to the nearest mirror. It should be a big mirror, one large enough to reflect most of your body. If you voted in 2016, say three times, out loud to your reflection, “it’s not my fault.” If you were eligible to vote in 2016, but did not, take your list of those you blame for our predicament and place yourself right on top, just above our President. Then look at your reflection and say slowly and clearly, “I wish to apologize to myself and my fellow citizens and I swear that I will never, ever fail to vote again.”

There. I’ll bet you feel better already.