• Jeffrey Zalles

Hurricane Florence

As we clean up from the disaster that was Florence, we are reminded of nature's power. As our planet continues to heat up, we are witnessing a sharp rise in both the number and the intensity of these natural occurrences. Sadly, the response by our elected officials has been indifference. As other nations work together to toughen standards, leaders in our state and in Washington focus their efforts on rolling back regulations put in place to stave off environmental catastrophe.

The time has come for all of us to consider the kind of world we leave to our children and grandchildren. Will it be similar to the one we enjoyed or will it be a world where severe storms, floods, droughts, intense heatwaves, fires, disruptive mass migrations and the resulting political turmoil become a part of everyday life? Our planet's future is in our hands. We must elect representatives who recognize the urgency of climate change and will do whatever it takes to mitigate its destructive potential.

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