• Jeffrey Zalles

Meet Charles Warren

Put a dozen people in a room and ask them what should be done to reduce crime and you’re bound to get twelve different answers, among them; more police, stricter enforcement of the law, harsher punishments, mandatory minimum sentences, and a host of other suggestions that deal with criminals. But if you’re lucky, there may be one person in the room who disagrees. Someone who argues that what the others are calling for are just tactics that deal with the symptoms of crime rather than a strategy for dealing with its causes. Someone who believes that law enforcement must look beyond its whack-a-mole approach and focus on those most at risk of becoming criminals. Someone like…

Charles Warren

Charles Warren is no stranger to tragedy. At the age of twelve, he lost his parents and was subsequently raised by his older brother. Later, another family member lost a battle with opioids. During his twenty years in law enforcement, Charles has witnessed the marginalization and the unequal justice afforded minorities and those at the lower rungs of the economic ladder. As the Brunswick County Sheriff, Charles and his department will work not only to solve crimes, but to prevent them. He will expand partnerships between law enforcement and community organizations, including schools and places of worship, that address crime in general and the opioid crisis in particular. More interactions between students and police officers will foster bonds of trust and instill respect for our laws and for those who enforce them. We need a sheriff who understands that the best way to fight crime is to prevent it from happening in the first place. A leader whose department will put our children first, working with community organizations to insure that they grow up to be law-abiding and productive citizens. We need Charles Warren to be our next Brunswick County Sheriff.