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Meet David Sink

With so many issues facing us today, how do we find the right person to represent us in the NC State Senate? Someone with the depth and breadth of experience to successfully tackle such a large and diverse agenda? Someone whose priorities are your priorities? Meet David Sink

Ask yourself...

Will you vote for a candidate who believes our veterans deserve our gratitude and the support they've earned? ​ As a Vietnam Era Combat Engineer Veteran, David Sink has been an active participant in professional and civic organizations at the local, state and national level.

Will you vote for a candidate who believes in providing quality and affordable education to the youth of NC? ​

David Sink earned an undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, a Doctorate from Virginia Tech, and is a graduate of the Institute for Educational Management at Harvard University. Having spent more than three decades in the North Carolina Community College System, including serving as president of two colleges, David is committed to our public schools. He will push for better teacher pay and the expansion of vocational and technology courses in our high schools and community colleges.

Will you vote for a candidate who is passionate about safe schools and neighborhoods? David Sink believes that every child has the fundamental right to be safe at home, school and everywhere in between. He will advocate for staffing schools appropriately with teacher’s aids, nurses, psychologists and counselors while providing law enforcement with the training and resources they need to keep kids safe. And David will work for common sense gun control that will make us all safer without infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

Will you vote for a candidate who will push for legislation aimed at strengthening our state economy? ​ David Sink isn't just committed to a strong economy, he is part of it. Coming out of retirement as a newly minted small business owner, David opened a Meineke Car Care Center in Leland NC. As an active member of the Rotary Club for decades, he has served as its Club President and District Governor.

Will you vote for a candidate who is passionate about our environment? ​ David Sink is firmly opposed to off-shore drilling that will threaten our beaches, our fishing industry and tourism. He will end the illegal discharge of Gen-X and demand environmental responsibility from all industries.

Will you vote for a candidate who has the leadership to get things done in Raleigh?​ David Sink is a true Renaissance man. Someone whose adult life has encompassed a wide variety of endeavors. The one thread that has remained constant is his leadership. As an Eagle Scout and Vietnam-era veteran. As the president of two community colleges. As the owner of a small business and president of his local Rotary Club.

In these complex times, isn't David Sink the leader we need? This November, let's make David Sink District 8's next NC State Senator.

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