Meet Marilyn Priddy

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

On March 19, 2018, there was a regular meeting of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners. On the agenda that evening was a vote for the adoption of a resolution to oppose drilling and seismic testing off the North Carolina Coast. Many neighboring counties had already adopted similar resolutions of opposition. Over 100 local citizens came to the meeting to urge the commission to do the same. Unfortunately, when the meeting opened in front of the standing-room-only crowd, the first thing the majority-Republican commission did was vote NOT to even consider the issue. The reaction in the room was audible and the large group of citizens concerned about our coastline left in anger, frustration and disgust. One person in the crowd vowed to do something about it.

Meet Marilyn Priddy

Marilyn was so appalled by the treatment she and her fellow citizens received that evening that she decided to take matters into her own hands and run for a seat on the Board of Commissioners. There was one obstacle, however. Since the filing deadline had passed, the only way to be listed on the ballot was to get 3,900 registered voters to sign a petition. A daunting task that would have discouraged almost anyone, but not Marilyn, who delivered 5,113 signatures to the Board of Elections just prior the deadline. Our coast isn't the only thing that Marilyn is passionate about. She finds it unacceptable that 25% of Brunswick County children are food insecure. Even worse, the county has no shelters, leaving only jail and emergency rooms as options for homeless people in distress. Not only is this inhumane, but the cost of caring for those in need is exponentially higher than it would be in a shelter. In addition to helping the less fortunate, Marilyn’s priorities include preventing off-shore drilling and protecting our environment and water supply from corporate polluters and irresponsible developers. She believes that supporting education in the skilled trades and clean energy sectors will result in better jobs and reduced poverty. As a county commissioner, Marilyn will explore new revenue streams that will generate income for specific county operations, like animal control and solid waste management, without raising taxes on all residents. And, unlike those commissioners at the March 19 meeting, Marilyn will respect and listen to the citizens of Brunswick County. We need a commissioner with Marilyn’s determination and sense of fairness. A commissioner who will look out for the best interests of all residents. A commissioner who will protect and preserve this beautiful part of North Carolina. This November let’s vote to put Marilyn Priddy on the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners.


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