• Jeffrey Zalles

Our Vandal-in-Chief

With all the scientific evidence and the near-unanimous support of medical professionals worldwide, is there anyone on this planet who would not want to encourage new mothers to breast-feed their babies, something the American Academy of Pediatrics calls “the normative standard”? Apparently, there is – our president, who is threatening trade sanctions against countries that are supporting a United Nations resolution to encourage breast-feeding globally. I am dumbfounded. Why? This is the latest action by an administration that makes absolutely no sense, like picking a fight with Canada – Canada? – or starting a trade war that is certain to devastate farmers, cause layoffs in industries and increase the price of many goods we as consumers buy.

The only thing I can equate these actions with is vandalism, acts by individuals who, for whatever reason, derive pleasure from destroying property and hurting others. It seems like our president has become the Vandal-in-Chief, tweeting and setting policies that serve no purpose but to hurt others. I feel like I’m living in a parody of life, as though I was awoken by the sound of a rock crashing through my window, only to call the police and get nothing but a busy signal.