• Jeffrey Zalles

Put the "Grand Old" Back into the GOP

For the past five years, the rallying cry of the Republican party has been “Make America Great Again”. Well, on Wednesday we all witnessed just how great America has become under their leadership. As thousands of rioters fomented a coup and attacked our Capitol from the outside, six Republican senators and 121 Republican congressmen, including our own David Rouzer, attacked our democracy from within, attempting to defy American voters by objecting to the results of the 2020 election.

Now, I will admit that I am a progressive who, more often than not, disagrees with conservative doctrine. However, when it comes to our democracy, I am an American first. And, as such, I implore all my fellow Americans to recognize the rot that has grown in our politics and the urgency of removing it before it does irreparable damage to our nation.

It would be naive to think that I can convince my Republican neighbors to switch parties. I understand that there are plenty of conservative issues that they feel strongly about, just as I feel strongly about progressive ones. But one thing that I hope we can all agree on is the need to purge our government of those like David Rouzer who would betray his country in order to retain power and flatter the leader of his party. Therefore, I implore my neighbors and Republicans everywhere to support Republican primary challengers to Congressman Rouzer and his co-conspirators in 2022. Let’s put the “Grand Old” back into the GOP.

The future of American democracy is in your hands.