• Jeffrey Zalles

Relax Democrats!

I have a message for Democrats. STOP COMPLAINING!

Let’s imagine for a moment that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election and was now our president. She would have entered office with a solid majority of Republicans in both houses of congress. From the moment she took her oath of office, investigations into everything from her emails to the reopening of the Vince Foster case would have commenced. Further, as they did for President Obama, congress would have obstructed every initiative put forward by the White House. In 2018, instead of losing the house, Republicans would have increased their majority. Chances are that after four years with little to show but investigations and obstruction, President Hillary Clinton would have been defeated in her bid for reelection in a red wave where the Republican base was energized, and the Democrats stayed home.

Instead, what we have is a president who has done little for the voters who elected him; whose greatest accomplishment is a tax cut that skews to the top and will add trillions to the national debt. We have a Republican party that grows more splintered every day, with representatives who repeatedly compromise their positions, cowering in fear of President Trump and his base. Thanks to our president, Democrats have perhaps the most talented and diverse slate of candidates ever – certainly in my lifetime – and a fired up electorate to match. A new wave of young voters is more engaged and more progressive.

President Trump has done more damage to the Republican party and the conservative movement than Democrats could do in a lifetime. So, stop complaining and enjoy the show.