• Jeffrey Zalles

Robert Mueller: Republican Savior?

Whether or not you agree with Republicans on the issues, one thing you must admit is that they are in an unenviable position right now when it comes to President Trump. On one hand, Trump’s strong base support guarantees that any criticism of their leader will result in a primary challenge and a likely end to their careers in 2020. On the other hand, the president’s behavior continues to alienate independents and more moderate Republicans while energizing the left. With two more years remaining in Trump’s first term, that is unlikely to change. Should he run for a second term, Trump’s presence at the top of the ticket is likely to provide a career-ending blow to any incumbent on the GOP side of the ballot.

It’s a no-win situation. But wait…!

There is one solution to this predicament - Robert Mueller. Should the Mueller report, as expected, confirm a high level of criminal behavior, it may be the one thing that will turn Trump’s base, or at least a portion of it, against him. It could provide Republicans in congress with the cover they need to call for the president’s removal from office and thus assure that he won’t be a drag on the ballot in 2020.

Robert Mueller represents the GOP’s best chance to save their party. And nobody is looking forward to Robert Mueller’s report more than Republicans in congress. But don’t ask them. It’s a secret.