• Jeffrey Zalles

Sherrill Jolly

Two important factors determine traffic to a campaign website. Does the candidate have high name recognition? Does the office (s)he is running for have an impact on the lives of a majority of voters?

For Sherrill Jolly, the answer to both is no. Although Sherrill possesses the talent and experience necessary to be an effective school board member, she is not well know outside of academic circles. Add to that the fact that Brunswick County has a large population of relocated retirees who have no connection to the school system and it's obvious that getting people to the website would be challenging.

Some say; "If you've seen one campaign website, you've seen them all." My goal was to create a unique design that would reflect both the position the candidate was running for and her special qualifications. A design that viewers would share with others who, if for no other reason, were drawn to unique website designs and would discover the candidate in the process.