• Jeffrey Zalles

This Pimple is Making Me Angry

I have this little pimple on my face and I’m angry!

My dermatologist told me it’s probably from a hair follicle that got trapped when I shaved. She prescribed an antibiotic cream to treat it. Sounds simple enough, but when I went to pick up the small tube of cream at the pharmacy, I was hit with a charge of $75 – and that’s AFTER insurance. I complained to the pharmacist who replied that the same product would probably cost around $19 in Canada.

You ask; why am I angry? I am sick and tired of being screwed by our medical system. And I’m outraged that politicians like Senators Burr and Tillis have done absolutely nothing about it. Ever wonder why? I checked online and found that Senator Tillis has so far received $238,873 from pharmaceutical companies for his 2020 reelection campaign, only to be outdone by Senator Burr, who received a whopping $453,581 in 2016.

We have a choice. We can keep getting screwed or we can vote these corrupt politicians out of office. I’ve made my choice and, incidentally, I chose to pass on the overpriced cream and will use Neosporin instead.