• Jeffrey Zalles

Trump Foundation

Most of us have donated our hard-earned money to charities, confident that the sacrifices we are making will be put to good use for such worthy causes as helping the less fortunate, advancing medical research, supporting our places of worship, or for any number of other good causes. But what if that hard-earned money was not used for its intended purpose? What if our dollars were spent on frivolous things that only benefitted those who managed the charity? How would you feel? Angry? Violated? Robbed? Cheated?

This is exactly what the Trump “Foundation” is accused of doing. Taking money from well-meaning donors who thought their contributions would be used to help children in need, among other things. Instead, the money was funneled out of the foundation and used to pay personal expenses of Donald Trump, including the settlement of two lawsuits, the purchase of a portrait of himself to hang in one of his clubs, a bribe paid in the form of a campaign contribution to a Florida politician who was investigating Trump University, and for support of his own campaign.

This represents a new low, one that illustrates the moral bankruptcy of our president better than all the lies and payments of hush money ever could. Why would someone who claims to be a billionaire embezzle money from a charity, essentially stealing from the needy children it was supposed to help? Any politician who fails to publicly call this despicable behavior out is no better than its perpetrator and will not get my vote in November. And certainly, will not deserve yours.