• Jeffrey Zalles

What Exactly Is a Great America?

They’re in campaign ads and on bumper stickers. They’re embroidered on baseball caps and printed on tee shirts. They’re seen in the news almost every day. It seems the words are everywhere. But what exactly does “Make America Great Again” mean? What does a great America look like?

A great America is where quality, affordable health care is available to all citizens.

A great America recognizes that its children are its future and supports education accordingly.

A great America is where students can fret about their grades without fearing for their lives.

A great America is where all workers earn a living wage no matter where they work or what they do.

A great America is where the environment is clean and the water is pure.

A great America has pristine beaches and horizons free of oil drilling platforms.

A great America has fair elections and impartially drawn districts.

A great America is one where justice isn't only for those who can afford it.

A great America is where past symbols of division and hate no longer have a place in the public domain.

A great America leads the world by example, not by coercion.

A great America welcomes those whose only crime is to flee oppression in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

A great America does not judge its people by the circumstances of their births.

A great America is not a place where the well-being of its least fortunate is sacrificed to provide tax cuts for its most fortunate.

In 2016, we thought we were voting to Make America Great but all we got were stagnant wages, tax cuts for the rich, higher debt, polluted water and unprecedented corruption in Washington. If we really want to Make America Great Again, this year we need to elect new leaders whose vision of a great America reflects our own.

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